Congratulations to the 2019 Scholarship Winners!

In its 14th annual ceremony, the Harvard-Kent Leadership & Scholarship Partnership was pleased to award $1000 college scholarships to six outstanding students at the Harvard-Kent Elementary School in Charlestown, MA, at an all-school ceremony on May 30.

The students – who didn’t know they had won until their names were called – were nominated by their teachers for “positively embodying the values of the school” and “being a good leader and friend,” explained Principal Jason Gallagher. To cheers from their classmates, the students climbed the stairs to the stage where they were greeted with hugs and some tears by excited family members who had stayed hidden off stage until the big moment.

Also congratulating the students were board members of the Partnership, former scholarship winners, and special invited guests.

This year’s winners are:

3rd grade:  Adriana Montalbon and Savian Hallie

4th grade:   Jenny (Jiarumi) Li and Sophia Salgado

5th grade:   Sania Chen and Marcu Wixon

The Partnership also congratulates the six scholarship winners who graduated from high school this spring, were awarded their scholarship checks, and are headed to college in the fall!