The Partnership

The Harvard-Kent Partnership helps make the dream of college a reality for children at the Harvard-Kent Elementary School, a remarkable urban public school that represents an incredible cross section of students from various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.  The Partnership does this by providing incentive scholarships, enrichment programs and college application guidance.

The Partnership is an all volunteer organization comprised of community members, parents, former educators and executives.

The School

The Harvard-Kent Elementary School is a Boston Public School located in Charlestown, Massachusetts, with over 500 students attending pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.  In 2016, the school was named a Level 1 school (the top designation) by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education, because our students are making accelerated progress on state assessments. Harvard-Kent is one of only 21 Level 1 schools in the Boston public school system, out of a total of 125 schools. The school is also proud to have one of the most racially diverse student bodies among the Boston Public Schools, and is 35% Hispanic, 29% Asian, 23% African American, 10% White, and 3% Multi-Race.



Susan Madden, President

Patricia Desmond, Vice President 

Charlotte Hamill, Vice President  

Chris George, Treasurer  

Richard Runci, Secretary


Petie Hilsinger, Founder 

Jason Gallagher, Principal, Harvard Kent School

Board of Directors

Luette Bourne

Colleen Boyce (RSM rep)

Joanna Christodoulou

Virginia Goscinak

Jane Gricci

Molly Griffiths (RSM rep)

Tanya Guidi

Ina Heafitz

Rana Suh Kannan

Mary Perkins

Jane Philippi

Elizabeth Pipes

John Posada

Howard Tuttman

Advisory Board

Barbara Babin

Richard Burtt

Thomas Childs

Sherrie Cutler

Marilyn Darling

Doug Ling

Claire Lupton

Pat McSweeney

Anne Rand

Joanne Samuelson

Helen Chin Schlichte

Ross Wilson


Friends Board

Becky Adamonis

Debra Allen

Maria D’Itria

Marta Frank

Amanda Guidi

Rosemary Kverek

Natalie Mangrum

Birgitta Mulcahy

Laurie Nee

Dana Smith

Nicola Williams